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27 January 1989
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My name is PaigePestilence™. Call me Paige. I'm addicted to music, so if you don't like music, I suggest you don't talk to me. I love rain a lot. As cliche as it may sound, I really am happy when it rains. I love my friends more than the world. My best ones are Shannon, Katy and Brittany. They are amazing. Adam Lazzara, Jesse Lacey, John Nolan, William Beckett, and Gerard Way have my heart. Gerard and Adam are my heroes. Iloveyou.I like...a fire inside::ac/dc::adam lazzara::afi::aiden::alicia simmons/alicia pain::amy lee::armor for sleep::artic monkeys::avenged sevenfold::blink 182::bob bryar::bon jovi::bowling for soup::brand new::chris gaylor::cursive::dating delilah::def leppard::degrassi::disturbed::ducks::ed reyes::eisley::evanescence::flyleaf::foo fighters::frank iero::fred mascherino::gerard way::god smack::graphics::gym class heroes::hamsters::hawthorn heights::hayley williams::head automatica::heartbreak club::him::iamarobot::icons::inxs::jesse lacey::jimmy eat world::john nolan::june::linkin park::llamas::mark o'connell::maroon 5::matchbox 20::matchbox romance::matt rubano::mike kennerty::mikey way::music::my chemical romance::nick wheeler::panic!at the disco::paramore::rain::ray toro::red hot chilli peppers::relient k::sarah dope::scene queens::senses fail::silverstein::slipknot::social distortion::straylight run::summer::sugurcult::system of a down::taking back sunday::telivision::the academy is...::the all-american rejects::the audition::the goo goo dolls::the killers::the lostprophets::the offspring::the smashing pumpkins::three days grace::thunder storms::thursday::tyson ritter::underoath::water::weezer::worlds most hated crew
Brittany and Katy make me happy. & Lauren makes me happy...in the pants.
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a fire inside, ac/dc, adam lazzara, afi, aiden, alice cullen, alicia simmons, amy lee, anna kendrick, armor for sleep, artic monkeys, ashley greene, avenged sevenfold, bella swan, ben kenney, billy burke, blink 182, bob bryar, bon jovi, bowling for soup, brand new, brandon boyd, cam gigandet, carlisle cullen, charlie swan, chris gaylor, chris kilmore, christian serratos, cursive, dating delilah, def leppard, degrassi, disturbed, ducks, eclipse, ed reyes, edi gathegi, edward cullen, eisley, elizabeth reaser, emmet cullen, esme cullen, evanescence, final fantasy, flyleaf, foo fighters, frank iero, fred mascherino, gerard way, gil birmingham, god smack, graphics, gregory tyree boyce, gym class heroes, hawthorn heights, hayley williams, head automatica, heartbreak club, him, iamarobot, icons, incubus, inxs, jackson rathbone, jacob black, jasper hale, jesse lacey, jimmy eat world, john nolan, jose pasillas ii, jose zuniga, june, justin chon, kellan lutz, kristen stewart, linkin park, llamas, mark o'connell, maroon 5, matchbox 20, matt bushell, matt rubano, michael welch, mike einziger, mike kennerty, mikey way, music, my chemical romance, my favorite highway, ned bellamy, new moon, nick wheeler, nikki reed, panic!at the disco, paramore, peter facinelli, rachelle lafevre, rain, ray toro, red hot chilli peppers, relient k, robert pattinson, rosalie hale, sarah clarke, sarah dope, scene, scene queens, senses fail, silverstein, slipknot, social distortion, straylight run, sugurcult, system of a down, taking back sunday, taylor lautner, telivision, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the audition, the bigger lights, the goo goo dolls, the killers, the kowalsky family, the lostprophets, the offspring, the smashing pumpkins, three days grace, thunder storms, thursday, twilight, tyson ritter, underoath, water, weezer, wmhc, worlds most hated crew